California’s Golden Brew

An interdisciplinary project where agricultural, ecological, cultural, and historical narratives collide into the state’s next gold rush: Sustainable Coffee

Campus research sites

Since May 2019, Whittier College is the site of a research coffee orchard, where students and members of the community can learn and explore the fascinating world of coffee.

Engaging students

From market assessments to arthropod research, to sustainability evaluations, students are at the forefront of innovation and social change

Tiffany Tang placing arthropods traps near coffee trees in Southern California

Achieving change through education

Coffee Supply Chain

Undergraduate-level course taught at Whittier College by industry experts

Soil Science

An undergraduate-level course that teaches the fundamental of soil science and the soil-plant relationship

Practicing Urban Agriculture

A hands-on course that exposes students to urban farming

Environmental Justice

The future of sustainable coffee relies on achieving justice – social, racial, environmental justice.

“climate change will only exacerbate the pre-existing disparities between the Global South and Global North. Climate-induced changes in yields and prices will disproportionately affect the growers – all of whom live in developing or post-colonial countries – rather than the main consumers, most of whom are from countries in North America and Europe. While consumers may have to endure price hikes and a change in taste, the growers have their entire livelihoods threatened.”

Clara Steyer
Our Highlights

Speaker Series

We like to learn from experts from the coffee world.